About Us Newark Radiation Oncology

Newark Radiation Oncology has two physicians on staff. This assures that you will have access to a physician anytime during your treatment. These physicians are called Radiation Oncologists. Radiation Oncologists are medical doctors with advanced training in the use of radiation for the treatment of cancer and other diagnoses. This training involves many aspects of general oncology, radiation oncology, radiation biology, radiation physics, and medicine. The Radiation Oncologists at our Center are board certified in Radiation Oncology. This certification, based on written and oral exams, indicates that the physician is qualified to practice Radiation Oncology.

Our Radiation Oncologists are responsible for all activities in the Radiation Oncology Center. Our Radiation Oncologists work closely with other members of our Radiation Oncology team to design an individualized radiation treatment plan for each patient. Members of our team include medical physicists, dosimetrists, and radiation therapists. The Radiation Oncologist also closely monitors the response of the patient to the treatment and treats any side effects of the therapy accordingly.